Mérésine, born from the imagination of designer Sandrine Ziegler, was created in 1997. Its name is taken from fairy tales and remind the material which has composed her first creations. Keen on design and fashion, Sandrine Ziegler has always created.

With the passing time, discoveries and meetings, her work has changed but always follows an elegant, contemporary and fun loving woman guideline. Sandine Ziegler loves to mix vintage styles, embroidery, fun details, in a modern and humorous style.

The idea behind Mérésine started when Sandrine’s first son Paul was born when she was annoyed by the simplicity of clothing for boys.

Then she began to create clothes for children by mixing fun and chic patterns, original colors in a modern and comfortable style. Mérésine was a big hit with moms who love originality and elegance.

Two years later, her daughter Fleur was born and Sandrine designed new items for babies, including dresses.

Meresine gives pleasure to children and moms with their high-end children’s clothing made of high quality and original designs, not to mention the cool French sense of style.

Meresine is 100% made in Europe including high-quality silk from Portugal and designed in Alsace, France.

Meresine the products are sold in several multi-brand boutiques and in department stores. The brand produces over 15,000 products per year and is sold in 24 countries on 4 continents.

I love the brands fun sense of style and graphic t-shirts, often including original metal prints that girls and boys will fall in love with! The added stylish touch of metal prints really makes these kids t-shirts unique.

Enjoy Meresine clothing by Sandrine Ziegler – a perfect fashion mix between vintage style in a modern and humorous style for baby, boys and girls who want to be uber chic and cute a the same time.

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Meresine childrens clothing