Misha Lulu

Misha LuLu is a family owned business founded by Joe and Karen Salazar. Karen Moran-Salazar is a native of El Salvador and came to the United States to study fashion design in Long Beach, California. Karen and Joe now live in Pasadena, California with their newest addition Isabela, who is their “muse” for the Misha LuLu Line.

At first, the collection was only a T-Shirt line, but it quickly has grown into a complete fun and retro fashion line.

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A Retro-Modern brand, inspired by faith, nature and childhood memories, Misha LuLu is not only a clothing brand, but a result of love, culture, and style.

This adorable fashion brand is a family oriented business that Joe and Karen built together inspired by their faith, Latin culture, childhood memories.

You’re going to love this retro-modern infant and toddler brand for girls. Art, nature, and family are the foundation of the Misha Lulu brand.

Some of my favorite retro looks by Misha Lulu is the Hello Kitty Collection, which includes vintage styles for girls with that famous little feline Hello Kitty who steals the show! Let’s face it, what little girl can turn down an outfit with her favorite cat?

And how about the strong man, Zampano print t-shirt or dress, complete with a mustache and little guy lifting weights. Match the t-shirt with a Misha Lulu Original Circus skirt and you’ve got quite the cool little outfit for your fashionista. Other fun t-shirts are the DJ Lion Print and Dino Time Rocker, both original illustrations.

Another personal favorite is the Anais Dress – a lightweight corduroy 60’s style jumper dress, original patchwork print by Misha Lulu.

You can’t really go wrong at Misha Lulu, all of the designs are brand original with unique illustrations and fabrics, perfect for the vintage and retro-loving girls who are looking for something different.

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