Monnalisa Ny&Lon

Monnalisa’s Ny&Lon Urban Kids Style from Italy

Monnalisa’s Ny&Lon fun-loving style is all about urban casual. Inspired by two bustling cities New York and London, Ny&Lon offers comfortable styling, soft fabrics, favorite cartoon characters and graphics with a fun twist stripes.

The Ny&Lon Boy’s Collection draws inspiration from the unlikely adventures of Mr. Bean with carefully conceived ton-in-ton check finishing, bi-color duvet jackets, sweaters and raglan sleeves and well-constructed trousers. The Ny&Lon Girl plays a funny Olive decline in a “queen of sports” version with or without her inseparable Popeye. Classic sweaters with volumes of the 80s, with raglan or cloak-sleeves, and eco leather trimmings to be matched with charming shoulder items.

Ny&Lon stands for two of my favorite cities New York and London, an inspiration for Monnalisa’s urban casual clothing with a fun twist.

The Monnalisa Ny&Lon story began with the founders and creators Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci in 1968 when they created Monnalisa. Perfect for your little one, the cool Monnalisa Ny&Lon brand loves fashions filled with character and a story. At Monnalisa Ny&Lon you’ll find a world-class selection and variety from quirky tops and dress to adorable bottoms and accessories.Ny&Lon, known for clean lines with a touch of glamour, suitable for all occasions, from school to free time.

Focused on metropolitan style, the Monnalisa Ny&Lon manufacturing company is located in Italy. Monnalisa Ny&Lon is a sub-brand of the famous Monnalisa brand offering lovely and stylish shorts, dresses, tunics, trousers, jackets, cardigans and other items of clothing for kids and adolescents aged 0-16 years old.

The Monnalisa Ny&Lon brand is inspired by the use of favorite cartoon characters as printed images on T-shirts, polo shirts and dresses, such as Donald Duck, Daisy and Minnie and other ones.

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