Paula Cahen d’Anvers Ninos

Paula Cahen d’Anvers Ninos, complementing her adult collection, emphasizes special fabrics that are elegant yet comfortable for children.

Paula Cahen D’Anvers is an Argentinean brand founded in 1994. Born of noble roots where your crown is the emblem, a sign of sophistication and heritage of their aristocratic origins.

Since its inception Paula Cahen D’Anvers knew to position itself as a leading brand in the market for women’s clothing, displaying his genuine, free, sophisticated style and imposing elegance in their collections of women and children.

The rebellious spirit of its deepest essence sheltered under the Crown logo, consents balance between classic and revolutionary without losing focus Paula woman, but, allowing more encouraged.

Get a Feel for The Paula Cahen d’Anvers Ninos Collection

Paula has the talent to recreate itself every season, with different contributions arising from research and curiosity about the world around us, our roots, experiences, and sensitivity.

With her children’s collection shows a similar proposal, with the difference that in the world of kids features, fantasy, dreams, freedom to unfold all its wings.

In collections for children, special emphasis on the quality of the materials, the comfort of their molderías and illusion that this world demands it gets. Paula Cahen D’Anvers Children born as a compliment and extension of its mainline.

Paula has an extensive network of local distributed throughout Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil.

Paula Cahen d'Anvers Nino Kids Clothes Argentina