Piccalilly is an ethical kids clothing brand from the UK launched in 2006 by Hannah Evans offering a new generation of bright, fun and stylish organic cotton & fairly traded baby wear. The Piccalilly story began after the birth of Hannah’s second daughter, back when the market for organic clothes was in its infancy. Lacking color, design, and desirability, the organic baby wear market seemed to have a gap that needed filling. Hannah learned about an innovative project that was taking place in Kolkata.

Not wanting to miss out I jumped on a plane to meet Rajat who was pioneering an organic cotton project in India. I learned that by teaming Fairtrade certified organic cotton with low impact environmentally friendly dyes we could create a new generation of ethical clothes that not only had major benefits for the farmers and factory workers but the end product was much kinder on the newborn baby skin. This sounded like a great idea and Piccalilly was born!

piccalilly organic girls clothes uk

Piccalilly, designed in the UK and manufactured to the highest ethical standards, creates organic cotton clothes and gifts. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so do Piccalilly organic kids clothes. Piccalilly’s clothing is made to meet the needs of children and parents.

All babies share delicate skin, and this is why Piccalilly uses only the highest quality organic cotton, free from harmful chemical residue and softer than a babies bum!

In 2006 the adventure began. Shortly after the birth of my second daughter, I was made redundant. Worrying times turned to positive opportunities and I embraced being released from working 9-5 to set up Piccalilly.

The market for organic clothes was in its infancy and the lack of color, design, and desirability in the organic baby wear market seemed to be a gap that needed filling. – Hannah Evans, Piccalilly

piccalilly organic baby clothes uk