Purebaby Organic

Purebaby Organic kids clothes was founded in 2002 by Mirabai Winford following the birth of her daughter Samara. Mirabai, unable to find anything suitable for her own baby with the best possible organic fabrics, was inspired to create a new range of baby clothing.

In 2002, Purebaby opened retail stores in Surry Hills, Melbourne and Purebaby’s environmentally friendly, affordable and stylish range fast became a favorite of mothers wanting the very best for their babies. Today, the Purebaby designer children’s brand proudly continues to create exquisitely designed, quality organic clothing for babies and toddlers at an affordable price.

Mirabai Winford, Purebaby’s founder, and Creative Director, in search of a natural alternative for her first daughter Samara, was unable to find quality organic garments.

When I couldn’t find a range to meet all my needs – fashionable, organic, functional and most importantly affordable, I was inspired to create it myself. – Mirabai Winford, Purebaby’s founder and Creative Director.

Purebaby continues to grow and expand. Today Mirabai’s husband Sanjay has joined the Purebaby business along with a team of dedicated staff. Purebaby collections continue to enchanting parents all over the world. You can find this gorgeous organic collection in more than seven countries worldwide including the US and the Middle East.

Always inspired by the beauty of nature, each Purebaby piece is soft and comfortable – beautifully designed beautifully organic.

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