Rock n Regal

Rock n Regal kids clothes feature the first collection of unique vintage couture for kids. In this cool collection, you’ll find influences of iconic moments in British history and rock music. These fun pieces can be worn to reflect either genre or mixed up for a uniquely distinctive look.

rock n regal kids clothes

As a lifestyle brand, Rock n Regal encourages children to be creative and make their own individual statement. Designed for boys and girls from ages 5-12, everything is designed, sourced and produced in England in order to maintain premium British quality and help create a minimal carbon footprint.

My background is in the professional theater which is my main source of influence. I have worn many beautiful costumes from a wide range of periods and have been able to feed my passion for clothing and history. Alongside performing as a career, I also operated dancing schools. I began to dress make a considerable amount, as you can rarely find what you’re looking for when costuming. People began to ask me to produce bespoke items for them and gradually moved into tailoring. It has been great to work with children and parents as you get a real sense of what they both want. Also, because of my background, I have been able to work with celebrities within the industry. This has given me invaluable experience in creating standalone items for them and their children. So I decided to develop a brand that draws on quality British design and tradition, where strength compliments beauty. Music is really important to me and has played such a huge role in my life, so I had to include my love for rock, which adds an edgy twist to otherwise traditional pieces. – Melanie Salisbury, Rock n Regal creator, and designer

The Rock n Regal range encompasses everything from quirky music industry tees and casuals to that special occasion outfit. The classic vintage cut styles and traditional quality help to ensure that the clothes will not date and can be worn or passed down from season to season.

Rock influences add an energy and edgy twist to the Rock n Regal collection, ensuring credibility for future rock star icons!

rock n regal girls clothes