Romagnoli Rondinella since the 1930’s has been manufacturing children’s shoes – to make children’s shoes as a master shoe-maker would do in their workshop. Rondinella kids shoes are exquisitely and uniquely designed. They continue to be chic, playful and meticulously designed.

As one of the most long-established companies in Monte San Giusto and, today, Rondinella is also one of the most technologically advanced. The methods of the ‘master shoemaker’ – which are luckily still part of the Rondinella company – go hand in hand with innovative manufacturing and logistics systems. It is important to be good craftsmen and vital entrepreneurs.

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Shoes for children must be the most special. Walking well means walking in the right way and vice versa. Trendy styles, quality materials, and handmade manufacturing processes, supported by hi-tech systems, are our priorities and the reason why our shoes are chosen by the most demanding customers. Rondinella shoes are entirely manufactured in the Monte San Giusto production plant. Our area has a strong shoemaking tradition, and working ‘on site’ means collaborating with people with expertise and highly professional skills. As added values, we also provide quality and creativity, unique elements made in Italy all over the world.

As you may know, Children are especially demanding on their shoes that often wear out quickly. When they run, jump or play kids make several stressful movements extending and flexing the backs and fronts of their feet. That is shoe manufacturers need to take care in each part of the production process from punching to stitching. Details make a difference in terms of quality and comfort.

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History of Rondinella Shoes

The Rondinella story began back in 1936 when Alfredo and Lola Romagnoli opened a small production plant of their own in Monte San Giusto. Immediately appreciated for their quality and style, the shoes were in growing demand. Alfredo and Lola traveled by bike for long distances in order to make a living selling their shoes.

In 1937 they had their first and only child Franco who continued the family shoe business. In 1972 when they needed a bigger space Franco and his wife Pina started a small company under the brand name Romagnoli Rondinella. They opened the new plant in 2004, and Franco, together with his sons Alfredo and Alfio Romagnoli, has led the company since then under the brand name Rondinella.