Servane Barrau Designs

Because Servane Barrau has always thought differently, she promised herself that one day, she would revolutionize the world, change up contemporary ideas and look at the world in a totally new way. Originally from France, this now Montrealer, was raised by brilliant and creative parents. Ever since her birth, Servane has always embellished doing things differently. None of her parents’ desires or wishes for her were being attained.

servane barrau designs girls collection

Our children are completely different identities than us with their own thoughts and desires. A child lives in their own world, with their own convictions and dreams. A child is also exclusive and puts a lot of attention into certain details. A child is also demanding and is drawn to beautiful things. Different, “out of the norm” things also attract them. Within “different” we often see “the new”.

servane barrau designs girls fashion

It is with all these ingredients and the birth of her own children that magic was created. Servane found her true calling: to offer a new outlook on children’s fashion while at the same time developing products that are thought out as a child would. Servane Barrau Designs works closely with children and each piece of clothing reflects a childlike dream. Her creations live within each child’s imagination, each design corresponds to a child’s emotions.

Servane Barrau Designs goal is to create the most useful and fashionable items for baby, toddlers and young girls with a special unique style that you won’t find in other stores.

Enjoy stylish dresses, skirts, tops and coordinating accessories from headbands to doll clothes. When designing her collection Servane takes special care to create comfy and easy to wear skirts that make potty-training easier.

Enjoy Servane Barrau’s whimsical designs that bring your precious little girl into a wonderful imaginary world full of colors and unique fabrics that perfectly symbolize the joy of the childhood. You young little Princess will feel so special wearing Servane Barrau’s fashion that will lift her spirit.

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