Småfolk Kids Clothes

Småfolk kids clothing, inspired by the style of the 70s, is a Danish childrenswear featuring fantastic prints and a comfortable fit. Created in 2007, Småfolk is an old Scandinavian word meaning “little people” or “children”. The 70s was a decade when Småfolks foundress, Tana Kretzschme spent her childhood. It was a time when children were allowed to be children and when children’s clothing had one aim: to create garments that are fun to play and move in.

The brand offers unique trend-resistant fashion for confident children with a philosophy that everything good for children is also good for the environment and the other way around.

About Småfolk Kids

Småfolk emphasizes natural fabrics, radiant colors and buoyant prints which exalt the imagination and capture impressions like color, animals, flowers, fruit, vehicles, and tools.

Småfolk sticks to the idea of being versatile and follows the vision to make the best possible product. 4 collection are created each year, offering customers new styles every 10 weeks.

smafolk kids fashion

Despite changing styles, Småfolk recognizes the importance of combining them in order to guarantee the brands uniqueness and independence from trends.

Our products are based on constant renewal, on being a little different and on a vision about delivering a good product. We have 4 annual collections, every time with a lot of new styles, so there is never more than 10 weeks before you find something new and interesting from Småfolk in the shops. Småfolk are always happy colors, in the best quality. 85% of the collection and 100% of the baby collection are Eco-tex certified. Småfolks collections fit together from one collection to another, so your children’s clothes can always be mixed with different deliveries as the colors match.

smafolk childrens clothes

Småfolk opened their own little concept store in Holbæk, Denmark in march 2007 where you can enjoy the whole collection.

At Småfolk you’ll always find lots of happy colors in fun and exciting prints that the children love.