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Sonia Rykiel Enfant is a gorgeous Mini-Me collection sharing the same brand DNA with the famous Sonia Rykiel women’s collection. Sonia Rykiel started her journey in fashion back in May 1968 using her imaginative eye for fashion opened her first boutique in Paris, rue de Grenelle on the left bank where she showcased her wonderful designs. The same year she was elected “Queen of Knits” by the American publication Women’s Wear Daily, and her sweaters became the emblem of her trade. Sonia Rykiel is all about details and is particularly known for her rhinestones, lace, stripes, slogans and inside-out seams.

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In 1983 Rykiel Enfant girls clothes was launched by Sonia’s daughter Nathalie who is president and artistic director of Sonia Rykiel. Just like the models on the runway, the Rykiel girl is dressed in zesty, sherbet colors. When someone mentions Rykiel Enfant I automatically think of bright stripped girls clothes with a black background. But there’s so much more to her fun, funky and quirky clothes. Each garment includes chic detail (often rhinestones) and modern flair, filled with contemporary styling and adorable innocence. Rykiel Enfant receives huge critical acclaim for its sheer attention to detail and premium cuts, combined with youthfully bold color palettes and playful styling.

I was pregnant with my eldest daughter and I couldn’t find anything that I liked… I wanted comfortable, fun, classic, soft, machine-washable and practical. Rykiel Enfant was born. – Nathalie Rykiel.

Today the Sonia Rykiel brand continues to charm and delight the world of kids fashion and women’s fashion with distinctive designs that are eclectic and dynamic, displaying contemporary illustrations with vibrant use of color.