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Sophie Catalou Gorgeous Girls Clothes / Interview

The Sophie Catalou line is designed by stylists in Barcelona who create this unique imaginative and cosmopolitan look for little ones. All items are garment washed to achieve maximum softness, comfort, and easy care. Sophie Catalou collection features premium cotton fabrications and knits, innovative print and dyeing techniques for baby, girls, and boys.

sophie catalou girls fashion

All Sophie Catalou fabrics are treated to achieve maximum softness, comfort, and easy care. You’ll find two separate collections: Sophie Catalou Baby (0-24M) and Girl (12M-12 years) and Kartoons Kataloons Boys (12M-6years). Both collections feature premium 100% cotton and cotton blend fabrications and knits, innovative print, dyeing, and techniques. All prints and yarn-dyed patterns are exclusive to Sophie Catalou.

sophie catalou girls clothing

At ENK Children’s Club in August 2013, I had the opportunity of interviewing Sophie Catalou about her upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection. During the interview, I had a chance to learn more about how the brand was started, the brand’s special expertise in fabric and textile design.

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We started when I had a baby. I’ve had various ideas about starting my own business. Then I worked in product development so I had to travel a little bit too much. I decided to do something on my own so I don’t have to travel as much or travel on my own terms. So, this said and done, my baby was about 2 years and that’s when I pulled the plug on with the day job and started this. I met a wonderful woman in India through my work contacts who is now my partner. She worked in product development as well in the past and that’s how we started.

Watch the Sophie Catalou Spring Summer 2014 interview at ENK Children’s Club trade show in New York on Dashin Fashion TV.