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Steiff children’s clothing & toys come from German designer Margarete Steiff’s philosophy  – “Only the best is good enough for children.” The Steiff collection symbolizes a carefree and affectionate childhood with a range of colors carefully selected so that the combination sets harmonize perfectly.

Doing justice to the name “Steiff button in ear”, all garments in the collection are super comfortable to wear because of their outstanding choice of materials and are also practical for everyday wear.

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Steiff kids clothing offers sophisticated outfits that are as individual and unique as children themselves. You’ll love their classic design and fashionable collection based on the Steiff animal world that ensures children from a month to 10 years old to enjoy a new clothing experience.

Steiff – the worlds leading teddy brand – has brought the same first-class craftsmanship to their collection of children’s clothing. The range stays true to their ethos of ‘only the best is good enough for children’, with soft and casual designs that all include their signature teddy emblem.

Don’t miss their adorably stylish yet fabulously functional Steiff Clothing Collection. You’re going to love the super comfy, and soothing feel of cozy Steiff cotton, denim, fleece and terry cloth fabrics.

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Don’t miss the selection of soft and casual cotton t-shirts, cute and irresistibly chic denim rompers, smart and trendy polo’s, and sporty, cozy fleece outerwear. All items in the collection are beautifully designed and meticulously sewn to feel soft against a child’s sensitive skin. I love the way each item in the collection proudly carries the familiar and adorably sweet Steiff Teddy bear face emblem that is sewn into every garment.