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If I had a boy I’d definitely dress him in Stone Island Junior. You can’t beat their unique urban style and fashion-forward, cutting-edge designs. Plus their lookbook photography is outstanding, and in my opinion is one of the best in the industry. I first heard of Stone Island Junior from my cousin who works in the fashion industry. After having his first son I asked him what he would dress him in. Immediately he answered, “Stone Island for him and his dad!”

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Stone Island Junior creates urban children’s clothing at its finest offering a mini-mi boys range that has all the same quality, innovation, and style as the men’s collection. Based in Bologna, Italy, Stone Island Junior dynamic boys lines is designed with an emphasis in a utility fashion. Taking cues directly from the fashion-forward, award-winning adult line, the now international boys brand has revolutionized children’s wardrobes with urban designs and premium fabrics.

stone island junior boys clothes

The man behind Stone Island was the late Massimo Osti who was the inspiration and founder of the brand. Osti’s designs were a testimony to research and fabric experimentation and he brought Stone Island to be a leading Italian brand for men and boys, recognized worldwide to be on the cutting edge of design.

Known as a unique “Laboratory Company”, Stone Island owes its ongoing success to both research and innovation in garment construction, details of finished garments, and exclusive materials. The collection’s innovative use of fabrics and experimental dying culminate in cutting-edge clothing for modern children with active lifestyles.

Made to last and look great all year round, Stone Island Junior’s collection is influenced by archive military uniforms. Each piece now features the iconic Stone Island badge on the sleeve and jackets, t-shirts and pants are popular styles in the collection.

In a world of bubbles, lively children play as if untouched by the rules of gravity. And it is the lightness of absolute white that sets the scene for The Stone Island Junior Spring-Summer 2013 Collection. New Juxtapositions of fabrics – both natural, organic fibers and high-performance man-made textiles – allow for comfort and functionality to be found even in the details. The treatments and dye colors that characterize Stone Island.