Wes and Willy

Wes and Willy was created in 1989 with a style mission to bring cool and quality updated clothing to boys everywhere. Perfect for families on the go, Wes and Willy creates durable classic clothing with a casual lived-in feel. Wes and Willy clothes are designed to be rugged enough for those keep-away games at recess, but comfortable enough for a brother to sit through his sister’s dance recital.

With its classic lived-in feel, boys will want to wear their Wes and Willy clothing all day. This cool lived-in feel is achieved through garment-dyeing and garment washing. The process pre-shrinks each pant and shirt while producing unique variations in texture, color, and shading, adding to the character, originality, and comfort of every Wes and Willy garment.

We started Wes and Willy in 1989 selling cool shirts to surf shops up and down the east coast. When it came to buying clothes for my son Ryan, I couldn’t find them. So I started making my own. If I’m doing my job right, when you get your hands on a Wes and Willy garment you will be in possession of a classic boy’s garment he won’t want to take off. And it will wear like iron. And it will rock his world. – Bill Mullen, Wes and Willy President

Wes and Willy Story

Lifelong friends Wes and Willy have been working together designing unique boys’ clothing since 1989 from their headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Wes and Willy designers find inspiration when seeing “boys love being boys” around the country Each Wes and Willy item is designed to uphold the truth that “Boys need great clothes too” that is rough and tumble, yet cool and comfortable.

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