WOWO designer clothing for children from 3 months to 12 years in a very pop, a mixture successful retro-minded, ethnic and graphics. The ’70s style that WOWO prides itself is not only original, it’s a breath of fresh air for kids fashion lovers looking for something special.

wowo boys clothes

WOWO’s designer Elizabeth Relin was born in the United States and lived in France since her teens. Her grandmother from American loved fashion and her French grandmother taught her sewing, knitting, and embroidery.

Elizabeth loves to create – the good, the beautiful, and most importantly fun. After studying fashion design and following the birth of her children, Elizabeth started to create her own clothes and launched WOWO in 1998.

She added a WOWO baby collection to her line following the birth of her third child.

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WOWO is the mix of all that Elizabeth loves. The result is a style of vintage and current fashion for parents who love their children to be a little different.

wowo kids clothes france

WOWO kids clothes offer a colorful collection of hip children’s clothing that will make your little boy or girl look like their right off the catwalk at the latest fashion show.

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