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Karl Lagerfeld launched his Kids collection back in Spring Summer 2016 offering mini-Karls adorable streetwear fashion designed by the famous Parisian fashion house. The star designer Lagerfeld has created a must-have “kids kollection” with his rock-inspired silhouette, chic attitude, and love of black & white. Making a surprise appearance: the designer’s super fashionable feline, Choupette, and her adorable antics!

Karl Lagerfeld Junior - Celebrity Kids Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld Junior News

Black glasses, a wisp of white hair, an iconic white shirt collar and slim-fit pants. Karl Lagerfeld has arrived at Melijoe! The designer unveils a collection that is Kreative, iKonic, Kool and accessible, inspired by his personal style. Kids’ fashion according to Karl Lagerfeld? Tuxedo tailoring mixed with pops of color and a surprise guest: Choupette! We’re smitten with the designer’s super fashionable feline who makes a special appearance in kids’ fashion. Merci, Karl!

As a designer, photographer, editor, and producer, Karl Lagerfeld creates a universe in which everything is perfectly under control, where each detail is of utmost importance. One of the world’s most celebrated fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake fashion house, headquartered in Paris’ Saint-Germain-des- Prés district, reflects his own signature aesthetic through creative, cool and accessible-luxe apparel for men and women, accessories, bags, watches, and eyewear.

For older children, there are T-shirts and sweatshirts in every color, jeans, skirts, ties and, of course, the “indispensable crisp white shirt” and black blazer. And little baby Karls hasn’t been overlooked with layettes that rock like never before, from bonnets and bibs to booties, tiny blouses, and mini-blazers.

When it comes to accessories, the Kar Lagerfeld Kids collection brims with adorable details, from cat ears and whiskers to trompe l’oeil collars and ties, fingerless gloves, rock star sunglasses, caps, ballerina flats, headband, and miniature handbags.