Kids Fashion Finland

finlandFinland’s first kids brand on Dashin Fashion is Aarrekid. So far it’s the only brand I’ve discovered from Finland if you know of more Finish baby, girls or boys brands I’d be excited to learn more about them!


Founded in 2009, Aarrekid children’s clothes is an eco-friendly brand from Finland. Made with care, experience and plenty of imagination, Aarrekid offers a unique style combining comfortable garments with fascinating print designs. You’re going to love their playful and stylish collection featuring hand illustrated designs that tell stories from outer space and enchanted forests.

“The clean lines, functional details and soft texture of the collection combine for a modern take on comfort. All dyes are non-toxic and safe to use. Aarrekid is an eco-friendly brand for the imaginative child we treasure most. The best of Finnish design traditions and high quality, eco-friendly materials are at the core of Aarrekid Collection’s design ethos.”