Asahd Khaled – Givenchy Boys Red Logo Shorts & Fendi Brown Logo Sandals


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Love this! Proud Dad of Asahd, DJ Khaled posted this adorable video of his son on Instagram modeling this Givenchy Boys Red Logo Shorts & Fendi Kids Brown Logo Sandals. One of my favorite outfits from the Givenchy Kids Spring Collection, these red shorts for boys made in soft cotton sweatshirt jersey feature and embroidered on the leg in white. Asahd completed the look with a white t-shirt and pair of Fendi Boys black and brown sandals with the designer’s iconic ‘FF’ logo branding. Inspired by the Givenchy & Fendi Men’s Collections, these Givenchy Kids Boys Red Cotton Shorts and Fendi Brown Sandals make the perfect streetwear look. Discover the Givenchy & Fendi Baby Collection online. Ships Worldwide. Image Source: Instagram / DJ Khaled.

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