Rihanna Baby Son RZA Fendi Baby Green FF Trouble Jacket

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Capturing the essence of Parisian chic, Rihanna and her adorable son RZA turned heads on the streets of Paris, with RZA stealing the spotlight in the Fendi Baby Boys Green FF Logo Bomber Jacket. This statement piece not only envelops the little one in warmth but also showcases Fendi’s signature style with its distinctive green FF logo design. Adding a touch of mischief, the jacket is adorned with the playful word “Trouble” on the back, reflecting the spirited personality of young RZA. The ensemble is perfectly curated with a pair of Gucci baby blue denim jeans, effortlessly blending luxury and comfort. To complete the look, RZA donned Gucci toddler black leather horsebit boots, adding a dash of sophistication to his fashion-forward outfit. Together, Rihanna and RZA set a new standard for pint-sized Parisian fashion flair. Photo Source: Aissaoui Nacer / SplashNews.com.