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Junior Magazine Kids Fashion Award

Discover the winners of the Junior Magazine Fashion Award…UK Junior Magazine each year presents awards “celebrating excellence in design & style for children’s fashion, lifestyle & interiors, travel, food, toys, and books.”

About The Junior Magazine Fashion Awards

For 2013 Junior Magazine presented design awards in the area of boys, girls and baby fashion to the following UK and Swedish designers for their outstanding 2013 collections.

Best Boys and Eco Fashion – Stella McCartney Kids

stella mccartney kids

Stella McCartney has become one of the most popular designers for women and kids fashion. In 2001 she launched her own luxury women’s brand, Stella McCartney, and following the success of her collaborations with GAP Kids, Stella was inspired to create her own line – Stella McCartney Kids. In November 2010 Stella McCartney Kids was launched, a collection catering for newborns and children up to the age of 12. Her playful styles and vibrant color palettes perfectly capture the essence of the fashion-forward youth of today.

I love writing about Stella McCartney Kids Collection which for girls often are a mini-me of her women’s collection. For boys, Stella brings in lots of bright colors and fun illustrations.

Best Girls Designer Fashion – Pale Cloud

pale coud fall winter 2013 runway show

Another personal favorite is Pale Cloud, founded in 2010 by Marion Reynolds who aims to make a return of evening glamor in everyday dressing for girls ages 4-14 years. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway Marion Reynolds at a very young age developed a keen sense of style and an interest in fashion design. Marion chooses to work with luxurious, natural fabrics such as, silk, fine leather and cashmere because of the way they hang and how they feel against the skin.

What sets Pale Cloud apart from other children’s clothing is the combination of fashion-forward styles with top quality fabrics, detailing and attention to fine finishing. This luxury couture line for girls is often featured on the runway show at kids fashion shows including Petite Parade in New York.

Best Baby Fashion – Belle Enfant

belle enfant baby clothes

Relatively new to the kids’ fashion industry is Belle Enfant, a luxury fashion brand for style-conscious infants featuring an “effortlessly chic collection of clothing and accessories”. Timeless and elegant Belle Enfant designs are Vintage inspired with a focus on pretty detailing and classic finishes in washed neutrals, blush and sherbet tones. The beautifully soft and snug Claudie knitwear range comes in shades of dove and chalky ivory, with delicate wovens to create a delightfully sweet silhouette.

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