Welcoming North West – Best Dressed Celebrity Baby

My vote goes to North West Best Dressed Celebrity Baby for 2013. Another highlight of celebrity kids fashion in 2013 was the birth of North West, daughter to celebrity superstar couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

A little more than six months ago on June 15, 2013 Kim and Kanye welcomed their baby girl, North West to the world.
north west best dressed celebrity baby

First I was a little surprised by her first name – North – but I have to admit it quickly grew on me! Then I saw her adorable photos on Instagram…..and now her fashionista mommy Kim is posting all of her designer gifts on Instagram. Now, this is candy for a kids fashion blogger…Check out a few of these gorgeous gifts! I’m sure that they’re already flying off the shelves!

stella mccartney kids north west gift

North West Best Dressed Celebrity Baby – Amazing Gifts

On the left is a gift from one of my favorite all-time designers for moms and kids, Stella McCartney. A few months ago I blogged about Stella McCartney Kids Mini-Me Primrose Jewel Applique Dress for girls that is a mini-me of the women’s long-sleeved pale-pink mini dress with embroidered hearts, lips, and matchsticks and floral crystal details. Another favorite is the French designer Lanvin Paris who sent this gorgeous gift set for girls that are to die for!

guiseppe shoes north west

I absolutely love baby shoes…and North was gifted with some of the best custom designer shoe collections by Charlotte Olympia and Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

You may notice that in the two pictures that Kim and Kanye have released of their daughter, Nori (North’s nickname) has been dressed up in sophisticated basic black onesies and creamy white blankets, and that is the standard color palette for her fashions. So far, we haven’t seen North dressed in Pink filly outfits.

A family insider told Life & Style magazine, Kim and Kanye “do not dress North in any other colors except three: black, white or cream. No pinks allowed!”

Kim Kardashian to Launch Kids Fashion Brand in 2014?

According to Stylist.com, Lloyd Klein, fashion designer and pal of Kim’s, told the New York Daily News that he is “sure she is going to come up with a line for babies.” After all, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores, make it yourself! Klein predicted that Kim’s collection would be made with “soft colors, pastels, something very dreamy and still trendy.”

It will be exciting to see if Kardashian launches a Kids Fashion Brand in 2014…I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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