“Little Bouquet” Girls Fashion from Japan

BOUQUETTA girls clothing from Japan an original word meaning “little bouquet” in Japanese, is the unique concept behind these handmade children’s clothes created by fashion designer SACHi and textile designer KAZUMI. Each BOUQUETTA piece is made individually to fit each unique child using only high-quality material, making them a perfect keepsake item, good for the body as well as the soul.

“We offer the BOUQUETTA line to all those who feel that a piece of clothing is not just something to wear, but to cherish,” explains BOUQUETTA’s designer Sachi Doi.

Bouquetta Girls Dresses Japan

BOUQUETTA Clothes Made with Traditional Japanese “SE-MAMORI”

Long ago, the Japanese people believed that supernatural spirits entered from one’s back. There were no stitches on the back of children’s kimonos. That is why a “SE-MAMORI”, a tag, was stitched on the back to ward off the spirits. BOUQUETTA has reinvented this tradition, where a “SE-MAMORI” adorns each piece.

“Through SE-MAMORI, we pay tribute to this Japanese tradition which affirms parents’ love and dedication to the welfare of their children,” explains Sachi.

About BOUQUETTA’s Fashion Designer Sachi Doi

Born 1974 in Ashiya-City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Sachi Doi has degrees in both graphic and fashion design. After graduating Pratt Institute with a degree in fashion design, in 2003 she started “SACHi DOi DESIGN” featuring Sachi’s gorgeous formal dresses. In 2009, Sachi participated in Baby Goods Brand “mion”. Prior to establishing BOUQUETTA in 2013, Sachi even created a clothing brand for dogs called “One by One”.

My goal is to create clothing that brings joy and to make people wearing them happy. Everything is handmade in hope that people will get to know the excellence of handcraft work. Children with bright futures should be wearing clothes that are safe and full of love so that they can feel its tenderness throughout their body, says Sachi.

Bouquetta Girls Clothes Japan

About BOUQUETTA’s Textile Designer KAZUMI

KAZUMI’s expertise is printing flowers and plants onto natural materials such as linen and cotton using silkscreen and then uses these materials to produce frames, cushions, and bags. The beautiful flowers, scenery and children’s expressions she draws have a unique feel, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is Japanese or foreign.

Born in 1971 in Yokohama, Japan, has always had a love for expressing one’s feeling through painting. After graduating from Joshibi women’s junior art college, KAZUMI moved to Florence, Italy where she studied at a silk screening school. She later worked as a designer at a textile company located in Como, a beautiful small town near the border of Switzerland that surrounds a lake.

Devoting my time to drawing flowers and plants in an atelier in Como had a very strong influence on me. My work is also influenced by the seasonal flowers that grew in my mother’s garden,” explains Kazumi. “Holding flowers is like wearing the most beautiful accessory. You can’t beat that, but I hope that my products can give my customers a similar feeling.