Kids Fashion Japan

Japan Kids FashionJapan Kids Fashion Industry is one of my favorite discoveries when I started Dashin Fashion. Little did I know that there are so many gorgeous collection based out of Japan. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing two leading brands – D.fesense & Frankygrow at the Playtime Paris Trade Show, and Kay Sakaguchi , Organizer of Playtime Tokyo.

Kids Brands from Japan

Playtime Tokyo Kids Trade Show

I’ve always been curious about kids fashion from Japan, and hope to visit Playtime Tokyo in the near future. At the Playtime Trade Show Kay Sakaguchi, organizer of Playtime Tokyo explained to me how the demand for kids fashion in Japan has been changing. In the past, everyone was looking for the same styles. Today, kids in Japan have their own style and want to look different than everyone.

Kay also explained to me that most Japanese purchase clothing at department and chain stores. At Playtime Tokyo designers have the opportunity to meet these major buyers from Japanese department and chain stores.

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