Discover Czesiociuch – Unique Designer Kids Clothes from Poland

Created by Polish musician Czeslaw Mozil, stylist and designer Dorota Zielinska, Czesiociuch children’s clothing from Poland is more than just a brand, it’s a philosophy of life for children. Czesiociuch’s motto is to perceive children as wholesome independent human beings that are just a little bit smaller. Offering children and parents what they like and wear, Czesiociuch designs originally styled unisex clothes that can be worn by both sisters and brothers. Products emphasize the individuality of small people and aren’t shy to recognize sometimes difficult issues in society.

czesiociuch girls clothes poland

In Poland, difficult subjects like homosexuality, homophobia, divorces are still not discussed openly, or with aggression, and yet affect us and the society in which we live. So we started from the fact that our clothes are unisex. But this is only the beginning.

With a goal of avoiding unfair gender stereotypes based on color (pink-blue), toys (Barbie v. Transformers) and behavior (boys do not cry and the girls are empty), Czesiociuch clothes are not traditionally colored (pink v. grenade).

We like to stimulate excitement 🙂 Nowadays, art and business are inseparable areas. Artists do not create just for their own pleasure, and the business of real happy engages now to socially and artistically. This is a very good blend, which allows implementing interesting and unique designs, stimulates creativity and allows us to meet even the wildest dreams. So, in our last collection, we cooperated with talented Polish young graphics: Sonia Hensler, Mateusz Paja, Kropki Kreski and Katarzyna Bogucka. The same trend we want to continue into the autumn-winter collection.

Czesiociuch HumanKidz Collection

The HumanKidz Collection features a special series of t-shirts with graphics created by talented illustrator – Dots and Dashes (Kropki Kreski). The series is a manifesto of difficult topics: bullying because of differences, separations of parents and disputes about children, sexuality …In Czesiociuch’s opinion graphics on the clothes do not have to be limited to the cartoon characters, dolls, cats and dinosaurs. They can be beautiful, aesthetic and valuable.