Kids Fashion Poland

Poland’s first kids brand on Dashin Fashion is Czesiociuch. So far it’s the only brand I’ve discovered from Poland, if you know of more Polish baby, girls or boys brands I’d be excited to learn more about them!

czesiociuch girls clothes poland

Created by Polish artist Czeslaw Mozil and stylist Dorota Zielinska, Czesiociuch offers unique kids clothes, books, and music. The brand ethos is to perceive children as wholesome human beings by designing original clothes with a style that can be worn by sister or brother. Czesiociuch’s products emphasize the individuality of small people.

Czesiociuch is proud of its Polish heritage and supporting their local community.

We are proud of the fact that in our country you can do interesting and good quality stuff.

From the start Czesiociuch’s moto is to design children’s products that are entirely made in Poland – from materials including threads, buttons and zippers. Designs and patterns are created and according this Polish seamstresses sew clothes and then embroider the Czesiociuch logo with a stork.

Talented Polish artist create graphics and prints on materials. Orders placed in our online store (created by a Polish company) are packed in envelopes or boxes also produced by Polish manufacturers.

Watch The Czesiociuch Video

Watch the Czesiociuch kids fashion photoshoot where you can see the collection worn in full style!