Hilly Chrisp

The story behind Hilly Chrisp started back in the Spring of 2006 when Alexandra Weston designed a skirt for her then three years old. This skirt was no ordinary skirt. It was a gorgeous three-tiered skirt, adorned with grosgrain ribbon.

Alexandra’s creation caught the eye or many moms….simply too popular to ignore, it leads to the production of the classic HC Skirt…and so the label was born.

Hilly Chrisp tiered skirts, made of 100% cotton, trimmed with beautiful grosgrain ribbons, are a fusion of polka dots, pinstripes, plaids and clashing floral.

In the collection you’ll also find play frocks with the same colorful fabrics and grosgrain ribbon, to be worn over a t-shirt or over jeans. Don’t miss the sun hats, swing shorts, bloomers, homeware and more.

hilly chrisp girls clothing hong Kong

Our inspiring design space is located in a great 1960’s loft in a bustling suburb on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Overlooking a lush green hill with a busy service lane at its base it is the perfect mix of zen and efficiency. Long hours are spent creating new items for our ever-evolving range while honoring our golden rule: Everything is to be created with the wearer and buyer in mind. Always.

Today the collection is sold in boutiques from Brooklyn NY to Oxford in England, Dubai to Singapore.

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