Honigman Kids

HONIGMAN KIDS clothes made its mark on Israeli design for kids that doesn’t compromise and gives you the highest quality of materials and the highest quality of products.

For the past 65 years, Honigman company have been the center of Israeli fashion. What started as a store of kids clothing line in the year 1947, developed throughout the years to a chain store of more then 170 stores and more than 1400 employees.

Honigman clothing company has a different style that fits a wide age group for women, men, kids, and teens.

The designers of Honigman always make sure to create fashion products as current and styled to the highest level, staying true to the quality and creativity of global high-end fashion stores.

honigman kids clothes

At the Honigman design studio, talented designers work hard to create a collection that is hip and attractive to women and men, our goal is to create a moving fashion experience.

They strive to try to see the world through our costumer’s eyes and to be inspired by everything that is beautiful, exciting and stylish.

HONIGMAN KIDS is the kids clothing line of the company and is one of the first and most successful kids’ stores in Israel. Making its mark on design for kids HONIGMAN doesn’t compromise and offers the highest quality of materials and the highest quality of products.

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