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Hucklebones London Gorgeous Girls Clothing

A refined take on children’s daywear to be kept and cherished, Hucklebones London girls clothes creates beautiful clean, feminine and sophisticated clothing for girls aged 3 months – 10 years. Every garment is meticulously considered, with close attention to tailoring and the finer details to ensure each item has its own charming style.

Hucklebones London girl’s clothes offer a new color palette, fabrics, and details that reflect both the upcoming trends and silhouettes as well as maintaining a classic timelessness.

hucklebones london girls holiday 2014 dress

Hucklebones collections are made with long-lasting quality fabrics and well-invested design to create beautiful heirloom clothing which at the same time maintains the integrity and innocence of childhood. Each season offers new, specially created prints that are exclusive to Hucklebones and designed ‘in-house’ from our London based studio.

hucklebones london girls snow print dress

Hucklebones printed silk uses dyestuffs that are EU made and have a low environmental impact. Fabrics are carefully sourced for their high, long-lasting quality, the majority are from British and European mills some of which were established as far back as the 1700’s and still use trade secrets today that have been passed generation to generation.

HUCKLEBONES LONDON Metallic Gold Lurex Dress

Hucklebones London Meet The Designer Interview at Playtime Paris

Meet the Design Team behind Hucklebones London – Zoe India Goldsmith and Daniel Stockley who share how they started this gorgeous collection for girls ages 3 months to 10 years old.

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