Leopold & Livia

Created in April 2012 by designer Suzana Stojanovska, Leopold & Livia children is a clothing brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Focusing on design and quality for girls, Leopold & Livia creates a chic, elegant, and sophisticated fashion with a strong sense of femininity.

Lepold and Livia girls outfit 2013
Lepold and Livia girls fashion 2013

A modern luxury for girls up to twelve years of age, Leopold & Livia garments are created with love for the beautiful and timeless. You’ll find Delicate, clean and subtle shapes on garments that are beautifully made with the finest natural materials.

Leopold & Livia Designer Suzana Stojanovska

“Before setting up Leopold & Livia with my husband in April 2012, I spent four years in London studying BA in Fashion Design in womenswear and working for several designers. I also had my own small business after graduating, designing womenswear and some accessories which were sold in different shops, Koh Samui in Covent Garden (London) was one of them,” explains Suzana

“After having our two girls I found it quite entertaining focusing on the styling of them and decided to start designing childrenswear instead, wanting to make the kind of clothes that I wanted to dress them in. Chic, feminine and sophisticated clothes with the best quality. Also, I wanted our garments to be as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I did get quite nostalgic when having our two girls, which made me look back at my early days very often. ‘Nostalgia’ is a strong word for me and will always be the greatest source of inspiration for me when designing.”

Leopold & Livia Girls Collection – “Memories of the Child I Was”

Lepold and Livia girls dress 2013
Lepold and Livia girls dress coat 2013

“…memories of the child I was…” is Leopold & Livia’s first collection and is inspired by childhood memories and a few dresses dating from Suzana’a childhood. As a contrast to the femininity, Suzana also wanted to capture a formal feeling and to highlight the interplay between soft and hard materials, the strict and the fragile. Delicate sheer fabrics and tighter knit. A soft palette of contrasting black. Leopold & Livia has chosen the highest quality of the silks, cashmere blends, the softest of cotton, leather, and wools wanting to give our customer a sense of a luxurious feeling.

Leopold & Livia Girls SS14 Collection – “I was dancing by the lake one midsummer night”

Inspired by the light, fragile, and graceful älva (elfs), the color scheme for the Leopold & Livia SS14 collection are delicate whites, subtle pinks and sophisticated and dramatic black.

leopold and livia spring summer 2014 white dress
leopold and livia spring summer 2014 pink white dress