Mezzo Piano

Mezzo Piano Kids Clothes, a leading brand in the Narumiya International family, has a distinctly European flavor, with a focus on pink and lush romantic overtones. The brand has a more romantic, ladylike range of apparel for girls seeking fashion and style. Mezzo Piano is prized for its close attention to the littlest details on every item.

Mezzo Piano offers a romantic and lovely world that girls of all ages adore. Girls will love the everyday world wrapped in everything sweet from dreams to decency and gorgeousness.

All wrapped up in the contemporary sense of style and hand-made delicacy. Girls will love this brand from dreamy casual wear up to elegant formal dresses.

The Mezzo Piano Junior line for teens creates designs for gorgeous and romantic girls. You’ll find all styles, ranging from the decent European tastes to cute casual fashions reflecting current trends.

I’m a big fan of kids fashion from Japan and Mezzo Piano was one of the first kids’ brands I discovered way back when I started Dashin Fashion.

I love the way the collection looks like it’s from Europe but in fact is designed in Japan by the Narumiya International family.

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mezzo piano kids clothes