Modéerska Huset

Modéerska Huset was founded in 2011 by the fashion designer Jenny Modéer. Modéerska Huset (meaning The House of Modéer) is also the name of the house were Jenny’s granddad was born and grew up, built in 1885 in a small rural town called Mönsterås in the county of Småland in Sweden.

Modeerska Huset Pica Pica Dress
Modeerska Huset The Baltic Top
Modeerska Huset Up and Above Jumpsuit

Modéerska Huset makes unisex fashion for fantasizing children with loads of quirky prints in gorgeous colors for newborn up to seven years old. All prints and graphics are drawn by hand and this gives the collections a unique look. Preferably the designer uses those old pencils that you dip in a bottle of ink! The garments are designed for comfort and to suit booth play and festivity.

Environmentally friendly is sustainable, Modéerska Huset strives to make children’s clothes with as little environmental impact as possible. All materials are 100% organic and the collections are GOTS-certified.

Modéerska Huset Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Modéerska Huset will launch the Spring Summer 2014 collection in July at Playtime Paris. In the collection you’ll find three prints on nice and easygoing styles:

Run Lion! Do you remember the English news story about a lion on the loose in a residential area? Well, in the end, it turned out to have been somebody’s very very large (fat) cat!

Elliot’s Bramble – this print is inspired by the French countryside. A little boy named Elliot lives in a blackberry bush with his Shetland pony.

Sour said the Fox – this is a favorite print that has come back in new colors. The print is inspired by the Aesopo’s Fable about the fox that wanted to try the grapes but couldn’t reach them.

Modeerska Huset The Baltic Body

Modéerska Huset Fall Winter 2013 Collection

In stores by the beginning of September 2013, the prints in the Fall-Winter 2013 collection are inspired by and dedicated to the designer’s dad Rolf who travels across the Baltic sea on business. Ferries, swans, green islands and great waves. Up and Above Rolf loved anything to do with the sky: the sun, birds, interesting clouds, stars, comets and to fly the glider.