Nixie Clothing Spring Summer 2014

Visit the Ocean with the Nixie Clothing Spring Summer 2014 Collection! Nixie Clothing is known for its forward-thinking, visionary approach in creating collections and accessories for children ages four to twelve.

For Spring Summer 2014 Nixie presents a selection of twelve new designs, drawing inspiration from the diversity of oceanic life.

nixie clothing girls dress

Visit the Ocean with Nixie for Spring Summer 2014

Modern, sustainable, designed-and-made in Britain, the collection highlights juxtaposed fabric choices and unique details…soft jerseys in bright neons, subtle pinks, mustard with ocean blue…flowing flower-printed chiffons… and vintage silks offset against grey notes.

Diving into a magical world below sea level, Nixie’s designs reflect form and movement from the ocean. Take for example the jellyfish’s bell shape reflected in the Jelly Poncho or the fins of a Siamese Betta Fish moving like angel wings in the current for the Betta Dress.

With the Ocean collection, Nixie strives to make us all remember that our oceans, and the lives of its rare species, are becoming increasingly threatened.

nixie clothing spring summer 2014