Petel Design

Designed to elicit radiant smiles on the faces of children, Petel Designs girls offers beautiful, classic yet unique custom-made children’s clothing. Never mass-produced, great care and thought go into the choice of material, stitching and attention to detail. All fabrics and trims are chosen for style and comfort and are of highest quality.

The woman behind Petel Design is Eleyor Snir, designer, illustrator and an artist for all things childhood. Eleyor sees each child as unique and special and childhood is innocent, pure, magical and beautiful.

I view each piece of clothing as a piece of art. It is a colorful story woven in fabrics and is stitched with love. Each one is an embodiment of my own sweet childhood dreams and memories. Inspiration and support come from all corners. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the beaming smiles of lovely children. With Petel’s designs, I add my bit to make “childhood” enchanting and special.

Petel’s collection includes beautiful girls dresses designed with a fun mix of bright fabrics. You’ll also find pants, skirts made with the same unique fabrics. Another fun twist to the Petel Collection is Eylor’s upcycled clothing where she re-creates fashion designs based on pre-worn fabrics.

Elyor invites you to look around the Petel online store. You’re sure to find some beautiful and unique clothing! Petel offers a 30-day money back guarantee and ships worldwide!

Enjoy these stylish upcycled girls clothing full of color and fun prints that have that homemade look. Each piece is unique, making a piece of art that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Another great thing about Petel Designs is that you’ll find beautiful dresses, skirts, and shirts available at reasonable prices.

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