SHIHOSHI by Jiana Kwon offers Neoclassical Style for every mom and girl. Jiana has developed a unique style for girls ages 5 to 12. She designs with neutral colors, as children are already perfect without any fancy accessories or bright colors.

Jiana has lived in many cities around the world including Paris, Tokyo, and Yokohama in Japan. Today SHIHOSHI is located in Palo Alto, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her inspiration is traveling or painting from her favorite artist Matisse.

I have a daughter, also got my company name from her’s when she was little (about 2-3 yrs old… and now she became 9). I was looking for a very simple coat or just simple black bottoms, but it was so hard to find. That’s the reason I started to make clothes with my own design. – Quite a usual or common reason. – Jiana Kwon, SHIHOSHI designer.

SHIHOSHI girls clothing
SHIHOSHI uses only easy-care high-quality fabrics for delicate children, with the design principle of simplicity. She chooses very high quality and easy-care fabrics for difficult mothers and girls.

Jiana’s favorite pieces in the collection are the coats made of wool and cashmere in subtle colors of grey, black and tan.

The collection is produced mainly in San Francisco. The design was done in Japan, and manufacturing in Seoul, S. Korea, since their tailoring techniques are ideal for making clean and perfect clothes.