Western Chief

Western Chief Kids rain gear will make any rainy day a fun day. It looks like it’s going to rain….puddle jumping time is here! Remember how it felt running out in the rain for the first time? Or puddle jumping after a good rain when a rainbow was in the sky?

Western Chief Kids had made kids rain adventures even more memorable with their adorable range of raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas in a wide variety of kids themes that are both functional and affordable.

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! The way kids look at puddles, the wetter the better! Color and fanciful Western Chief Kids rain gear will keep kids happy and dry when the rain rolls in. When a kid puts on a pair of Western Chiefs they may never want to take them off, not even at bedtime!

At Western Chief Kids you can choose from lots of popular kids character themes including Thomas the Tank Engine, Hello Kitty, loveable dinosaurs, frogs, ladybugs and more.

There’s lots of magic in the air when boys & girls put on their Western Chief Kids rain gear – a special bond is created when kids wear their rain gear – the two come together, almost inseparable…..often refusing to part, especially at bedtime!

So Whether your little one is set our to navigate a puddle-drenched sidewalk, search for frogs or salamanders near the pond, or spend a sunny afternoon in the garden, Western Chief Kids’ boots have got your little boy or girl covered.

Plus adults can enjoy these adorable styles too…and join their children in celebrating the rainy days, just like they did when they were kids too!

western chief kids boots

By the way, I’m loving the lighted rain boot with the neon heel that lights up. Uber cute style for girls & boys!

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