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Norway Kids FashionNorway with all of its natural beauty is an inspiration for artists, including kids fashion designers Elisabeth Rognmo from Jumina (Stavanger) and Kristine Vikse from MeMini (Haugesund). Discover how Norwegian Fairytales, local heritage and natural beauty influence these gorgeous collections for baby, girls, and boys.

Kids Brands from Norway

Interview with Jumina’s Elisabeth Rognmo

At The Playtime Paris Trade Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Elisabeth Rognmo designer of Jumina, a Norwegian Fairy Tale. Each season I love to see what Elisabeth has created and learned what inspired the collection. And let’s not forget those incredible Jumina photos that perfectly communicate Elisabeth’s vision!

Seeing that I have family in Norway, I love to see the Norwegian heritage that Elisabeth brings to Jumina. I also love the unique way Elisabeth incorporates the fairytale and dreamy feeling to each collection.


“The uniqueness of Jumina I think is that it’s all inspired by the Northern Stories and Fairytales. So there’s a lot of my heritage in there as a Norwegian person. And it’s also the use of fabrics that could be quite different and more kind of grown-up fabrics that you wouldn’t typically see in children’s fashion. And we also use only organic materials and bamboo. And now we also started a new partywear collection with a lot of silk. – Elisabeth Rognmo.”

Learn more about my interview with Jumina’s Elisabeth Rognmo.