Playtime Paris – June 2008

I’m excited to share with you highlights of Playtime Paris – the international trade show dedicated to the Children’s Universe and Maternity Wear, which took place on June 21-23, 2008 at the Espace Paris-est-Montreuil, 15 minutes from the center of Paris.

Don’t miss the next Playtime Paris Trade Show to take place on January 31, – February 2nd, 2009.

Kids Brands Exhibiting at Playtime Paris

Arsene et les Pipelettes

Arsene et les Pipelettes founded by Chloe Desmazieres de Bailliencourt, is a French fashion label of casual, chic and sporty children’s clothing. “Arsene et les Pipelettes” dresses children from 6 months to 10 years old in quality garments designed to be fashionable yet practical. Chloe’s third winter collection experimented with themes including dyed and embroidery corduroy, and pink polka dots to wide success.

Caramel Baby & Child

caramel baby and child holiday 2014 dress
Caramel Baby & Child from the UK was created by Eva Karayiannis, who wanted to find a modern style for children’s clothing, which could be individual – even luxurious – but which was also relaxed and understated, with no logos, and conferring no spurious status. Her Autumn/Winter Collection uses traditional high quality fabrics with a modern twist to the styling, detailing and colors.


Bambalinas, created by Carmen Grandes of Spain is a fun and classic children’s clothing label. The colors are just like ones Mommy would wear, and some of the styles too but they never forget that this is a line for children. The Bambalinas line has a beautiful soft look with adorable ribbon and lace detailing.


Eponime from France believes that every child is unique and has created three styles of clothing: one very colorful, the other trendier, and one more classic. Eponime’s Summer 09 collection features beige and grey tones, baroque motives, big pea and small tiles mixed for a wise and distinguished child. Fuschia Rose, green almond and white live it up as a colored, very joyful garden filled with arums, with butterflies and with peonies. A more classical plant form mixes a cameo of greens and beige for the less sunny instants of the cool season.

Faubourg Saint Denis

Faubourg Saint Denis, created in 2008, is the result of five friends coming together from different nations (Portugal, Sweden, France, Switzerland and China). As a truly global effort, they each bring to the brand a bit of themselves, making a medley of true international flavor. Faubourg Saint Denis is a casual chic brand for girls and boys from age 2-8 years old.

Gabriel et Valentin

Gabriel et Valentin was created by Nathalie Scemama, a former fashion model and mother of two boys – Gabriel and Valentin. The collection reflects her identity and has a distinctive style. It is pure, simple, with clean lines, in natural, soft and sober colors. The style is in harmony with the rich and comfortable texture of cashmere suitable for all seasons.

La Queue du Chat

La Queue du Chat – trés trés chic French styling for eco-conscious little ones everywhere.Fresh in for Summer 2009 is this cutie-pie line from French fair-trade and organic label ‘The Cat’s Tail’. Perfect for stylish and eco-conscious little ones everywhere, the Spring-Summer ’09 range is available in three color ways; fresh fuschia, dynamic turquoise and cool infinity.

Marilyn Tov

Creative, trendy and always comfort-conscious, Marilyn Tov’s designs draw inspiration from her native Paris and her East Asian heritage. As far as she can remember Marilyn always wanted to be a fashion designer. Marilyn fulfilled her dreams, went to fashion school, and then later moved to New York where she started her own line – Marilyn Tov.

Mi Pequeño Lucas

Mi Pequeño Lucas is a children’s clothes brand, created in 2005 by Mercedes Pina, an architect, who with the birth of her son Lucas, was led her to create her own children designs. Her designs take into account children’s day to day activities and functionality, without leaving aside a sense of fashion and tradition. Materials used are both of high quality and very comfortable – essential for any children clothes design.


Monprefere from France sells T-shirts designed by artists. Intended for girls, babies (2 – 12 years) and large (S in XL), all T-shirts contain the color pink. The printed t-shirts are winners of a design contest organized on the Monprefere website. During the contest artists offer their visuals and slogans for new t-shirt designs. After reception, a group of judges assesses the designs according to their interest for little girls and their originality.

Munster Kids

Munster Kids Almond Shorts-You're Looking at Me Tee
Munster Kids, created in Sydney Australia, is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture. Inspired by urban legend Mikey Munster, the devious side of every kid, munster garments balance the mix of kid themes and adult styling with durability and comfort leaving them satisfied and you feeling a little jealous.


NO KIDDING is a fresh and exciting new French brand for babies and toddlers up to 5 years old. The collections are inspired by the grown-up world and cut are combined with practical and comfort criteria to create perfect children’s clothes. In a fashion spirit, the clothes appear as basics, enhanced with the addition of subtle artistic details to offer mothers a new kind of fashion for their children, more in touch with their lives, with no unnecessary frills.

Princesse Rock n’ Roll

Princesse Rock n’ Roll, created by Julien and Emelie Parisot, is a high-quality range of clothes for baby girls. from 0 to 2 years old, aimed at those “rock n’ roll princesses” and at all their parents, fond of fashion and who feel nostalgic for the Rock period. The time is over for stereotyped babies, wearing Claudine collars, rompers, wisely tied knots and nursery rhymes from the past.


Teenytini from Germany, designed by JK Lange, offers handmade one-off crochet and knitwear for babies and children. Teenytini’s range is made from the highest quality natural fibers chosen specifically to be kind to children’s skin. The natural dyes produce subtle, rich colors, carefully selected and combined by hand to make every garment unique.


yporque Barcelona Style Fall Winter 2013
Yporqué was born as the result of the union of three women from Barcelona (Spain) formed in very different but complementary professions: an advertiser, a designer and a psychology lawyer. The name of the brand responds to the typical question of children, public to which their articles are addressed to.