Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam – January 2010

kleine fabriek january 2010The 10th edition of Kleine Fabriek took place on January 10-11, 2010 in Amsterdam, featuring children’s fashion, shoes, interior and toys. The winter edition was the largest one ever, with a record number of Dutch and International labels exhibiting – 265 stands and more than 400 labels from over 19 countries.

There were a record number of “green” labels at Kleine Fabriek that use more and more Organic cotton, focus on “clean” production methods, and pay attention to the working conditions in the countries of origin.

Read on to discover the wide variety of brands that exhibited at Kleine Fabriek.

Discover Kids Brands at Kleine Fabriek


An emblem of the French “Bourgeois- Boheme” lifestyle, ANTIK BATIK is designed by Gabriella Cortese, an Italian by birth and Parisian by adoption. Since 2001, Gabriella granted the wish of little girls to dress like their mothers, with an ANTIK BATIK children’s range. Travel is Gabriella’s long-term passion and the crafts discovered inspired her to create ready-to-wear clothing. In a globally industrial era, ANTIK BATIK maintains the craftsmanship of handmade pieces, the process is longer but the results are stunning and unique. The human element of these collections is very important to Antik Batik as they help support a specialist craft.

BANGBANG Copenhagen – Denmark

BANGBANG Copenhagen was founded in 2008 by Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager, both graduates from The Danish Design school. When they had kids they felt the urge to create something new for the scene of kids wear – clothes with an aesthetic look that will make you smile at the same time. BANGBANG Copenhagen focuses on playful and creative design for children ages 1-8 years, with a special effort made to create details that stimulate the child’s imagination. BANGBANG Copenhagen collections are for cool kids – they don’t believe in the tradition of girls wearing pink and boys wearing blue. They are inspired by the neatness of Japanese origami twisted with the coolness of street wear, which makes our design unique and functional.

Bonnie Baby – UK

British babywear label Bonnie Baby is designed by Tracey Samuel who launched the label in 2004, after working many years in Paris as the head knitwear designer for Sonia Rykiel. Bonnie Baby has developed a reputation for creating babywear that combines great contemporary design, wonderful quality, and practicality. At Kleine Fabriek Bonnie Baby exhibited their Spring Summer 2010 collection – Vintage Fun Cottons and new Cashmere collection. Inspired by the nursery of days gone by, where beautiful craftsmanship meant treasures could be handed down and enjoyed for generations, the Vintage Fun Cottons collection features gorgeous dresses and playsuits in wonderful, muted shades of dusky pinks, mole, duck egg and Air Force blues.

Hospan – The Netherlands

Hospan is a “green” brand with an ethical foundation in nature. Sustainability is the primary focus: respect for nature, reducing waste and teaching children about nature and where things come from. For retailers it is easy to present; everything within the trendy, superior quality collection for babies from 0-2 years can be cross-merchandised making it simple and green. Hopsan uses a seamless innovation in knitted baby apparel to provide the optimal comfort for babies. The unique machinery and manufacturing techniques create a uniquely seamless product. Achieving the highest level of comfort the pants incorporate space for a nappy and, due to no seams, the pants have the ability to achieve the perfect fit on any body shape without restricting movement.

Zolima – Hong Kong

Zolima, designed by Nicole Andrianjaka de Survillea who is originally from France, is a new brand of children’s clothing and accessories for ages 0-12. Though retro-chic, Zolima carries a joyful freshness. Colors are a subtle blend of acid and warm tones, prints are delicate & modern, materials are made from natural fibers, details are of quality, and lines are simple & precise for little ones’ comfort.

Mini Rodini – Sweden

Winner of Mama Magazine’s prestigious “Kids Wear Fashion Brand of the Year” in November 2009, Mini Rodini designs fashionable, modern, high-quality clothes for children between 0-11 years ranging from basic cotton t-shirts to luxurious leather jackets and cashmere sweaters. Founder Cassandra Rhodin is a Swedish fashion illustrator with clients like H&M, Nylon, Urban Outfitters and ELLE. Rodini is the name that her great-grandfather, the legendary circus king Brazil Jack, used when he as a young man traveled and performed with gypsies during the romantic 1890s.

Monamici – Sweden

Sweden’s Monamici designs clothes that are classic and contemporary, characterized by carefully tailored details yet easy and comfortable to wear. Their organic qualities are certified and well selected to respect the environment and code of conduct. For Autumn/Winter 2010 Monamici’s collection has a bohemian look with a modern and contemporary feeling. They have mixed Liberty patterns with classic stripes and checked patterns. The collection includes soft colors such as dusty pink, light blue, natural beige and olive green, but also typical autumn colors as burgundy, brown and dark blue.

Ducky Beau – The Netherlands

At Keline Fabriek Ducky Beau exhibited a whole new range of comfy baby clothes. Ducky Beau’s new Baby Tie is a combination of dribble cloth, bib, and shawl. Their smart basics range includes three pieces with handy tricks. A ‘grow-along’ romper, a T-shirt with a see-through pocket and a one-piece suit so you don’t need socks anymore; the cuffs of the trouser legs can easily be turned up so that the feet are covered. Ducky Beau babies will be dressed in Scandinavian designs and soft materials.

FEE IM GLÜCK – Austria

FEE IM GLÜCK designs children’s clothes from 0-6 years for every day and for the most beautiful & special moments in life! From the memories of her own childhood clothing, as well as her son Moritz’s practical experience of wearing her clothes, Fee Kruse, the designer of FEE IM GLÜCK has become an expert in designing casual and beautiful kids’ clothes. FEE IM GLÜCK clothes sit perfectly and give a wonderfully pleasant, bodily feeling. And best of all – kids look just great in them.

Funky XS – The Netherlands

Funky XS is a cool children’s brand for babies and kids from ages 0-12 years. Funky XS specializes in high quality and nice tight fitting t-shirts with prints that hint on current adult fashion. Funky XS was established almost 2 years ago and their collection is sold online and to the retail market. Funky XS offers two collections per year, and have stock all the time so shops can repeat order during the season.

Inke – The Netherlands

In cooperation with the Dutch label Taftan, designer Inke Heiland has created a beautiful line of boys & girls bedroom linen. The pink color schemes are embroidered with the well known Inke-birds. The blue covers and curtains feature some brand new insect and lizard designs. The fabrics are exclusively produced in Taftan’s own facility in India. This ensures good working conditions and the renowned Taftan quality. The collection is made from high-quality poplin cotton that is wash and color proof.

Jan van Trier® – The Netherlands

Jan van Trier has developed a very popular line of shirts for all occasions: Jan goes to school, Jan goes to a party, Jan plays outside, Jan does Holy Communion, Jan is everyone’s favorite at the première or at the party. This season’s hand finished, stretch poplin shirts are available in great patchwork designs and a party collection with ruffles and Plastron.

Jil & Sil – The Netherlands

The oh so romantic Jil & Sil stands for an exclusive line of clothing for kids from 3 months to 12 years that is practical, comfortable and affordable. For the 2010-2011 winter season Jil & Sil is harking back a couple of centuries to the days of powdered wigs and frilly lace when a wayward French queen lived an opulent life with intricate dresses and a vast collection of jewels. Jil & Sil has given this style a completely new and contemporary face – creative and spirited, fun and dreamy.

Katvig – Denmark

The Danish children clothing company Katvig‘s new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection has never been greener – with 83% of the clothes being produced in an environmentally friendly way. The new collection features the well known Katvig Apple print along with new cutting-edge designs. The trademarks of the collection are happy colors, lots of stripes and uncomplicated esthetics.

Kiddy Pads – The Netherlands

Kiddy Pads design super cute little baby shoes that look like real little luxury shoes but offer all the comfort of soft soled leather baby shoes. Offered in in 6 sizes (0-24 months), Kiddy Pads are made from 100% premium soft Napa leather Suede that is non-slip, offer extra heel support and have velcro closings. For Spring-Summer 2010 Kiddy Pads was inspired by the lively colors of Miami.

Kik Kid – The Netherlands

KIK-KID designs and produces comfortable, playful and colorful clothing and hats for boys and girls aged 0 – 12 years. The collection contains asymmetrical shapes, such as a slit pocket on one side, where on the other side there is a zipped pocket. Contrasting colors are present as a backdrop to zippers, at neck-lines and as linings. Jackets are created with both collars and hoods.

The King and I – The Netherlands

The King and I’s colorful Winter 2010 Collection, “From Russia with Love” has its own style with a mix of trendy nowadays “Bling” and Russian traditions. The collection features crochet flower applications, heavy embroideries, colorful artwork, all in a mix of printed fabrics. The King & I is designed for girls in a size range of 98/104 to 158/164 and the price level is mid/high end.

Little Label – The Netherlands

Originally exclusively sold online, Little Label is now selling through retail as well and has presented its wholesale collection for the first time at Kleine Fabriek. Little Label designs trendy, basic clothing for youngsters aged 0-8 in pure and comfortable fabrics. The brand consists of stylish wardrobe basics, including the perfect T, in both long and short sleeved versions, comfortable yet stylish underwear, well-fitting nightwear, bodysuits, shirts, sweats and coordinating accessories.

LOFff – The Netherlands

LOFff launched “The secret wardrobe of Maria Fjodorovna” collection for Winter 2010-11. A special branch of the St. Petersburg Hermitage opened in Amsterdam recently, and the beautiful dresses of the Tsarina Maria Fjodorovna have been an inspiration. LoFff is LoFff, and LoFff is for girls, so the garments are moving, the lace is stretchable, the fabrics are soft… and everything is a joy to wear and to look at.

LOLO LOVE TO LOVE – The Netherlands

Netherland’s LOLO LOVE TO LOVE FALL / WINTER 2010 Collection is intriguing, sparkling and teasingly timeless. Even on the coldest days of winter, Lolo will turn the closet of any 4 to 16-year-old girl into heartwarming wardrobes. LOLO combines colors, clear patterns & classic embroidery with an astonishing sense of aesthetics.

Petrol – The Netherlands

Petrol introduced their Winter’10 collection for 6-16-year-old boys at Kleine Fabriek. Inspired by 70’s ‘vintage racing’, this collection is at the roots of the brand. A heavy wash look & feel with dark shades are combined with bright accent colors including flame red & daytona blue.

Streep & Colt – The Netherlands

It’s striped, made from organic cotton and lots of fun! Streep & Colt creates a little modern, Breton and importantly very comfortable for babies and kids!

WE WERE SMALL – The Netherlands

The Dutch easygoing children’s clothing brand WE WERE SMALL previously named PLUSH, is known for its basic, durable, colorful, huggable, cute and somewhat rock’n’roll t-shirts line. WE WERE SMALL, is the product of a mother and her 4-year-old daughter: thinking up and drawing monsters and giving them names, happily together. A make-belief world of monsters if you wish.